PHOENIX® PSF (52901)

90 Degree indexable shoulder cutter for face milling


PHOENIX® PSF is a series of 90° indexable shoulder end mills and facemills. Utilizing a 4-cornered insert, highly economical milling is possible in a wide variety of materials.


Square insert with 4 cutting edges

High performance with long insert life and low cost per edge

Compact insert size for lighter depths of cut

Superior performance in face milling applications

Sharp 3-dimensional chip breaker

Reduced cutting forces

End mill and face mill styles, Inch and Metric

Complete offering



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List 52901 - Shell Type, Inch View Offering >   View Overview >

List 78030 - Solid Shank, Metric View Offering >   View Overview >

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When face milling or side milling stainless steels like duplex


When low resistance for low horsepower machines is needed


For applications in carbon steel when increased tool life is desired.

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