If you need a fast delivery for a popular size tap, die or gage, OSG can help.


The OSG FastService® program offers the most popular sizes for taps, dies and gages and ships them within 24 hours. The products in the FastService® program include:


  • Straight Flute (Hand) Taps
  • Spiral Point Taps
  • Spiral Flute Taps
  • Forming Taps
  • Pipe Taps
  • Carbide Taps
  • Round Dies
  • Gages


Taps available for 24 hour shipment are available with standard Bright Finish. We also offer taps with Nitride/Oxide, Steam Oxide, Nitride + Steam Oxide, Titanium Nitride (TiN) and Titanium Carbon Nitride (TiCN) surface treatments. Lead times vary depending on the surface treatment selected, but even these special taps ship in a week or less.


Let OSG keep your spindle running with our FastService® tools. See our FastService® Taps brochure for more information.

OSG FastService Taps Flyer - Vol.2