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Be it Stub or X-long, coolant-thru or solid, carbide or HSS, OSG has a drilling solution for you.

Drilling Solutions

Picture for category Stub (2D - 3D)

Stub (2D - 3D)

Short flute lengths and rigid. Ideal for shallow Holes.

Picture for category Jobber (4D - 7D)

Jobber (4D - 7D)

Medium to long flute length drills for a wide range of work materials.

Picture for category Taper (8D - 30D)

Taper (8D - 30D)

Long flute lengths with stable chip evacuation for deep-hole drilling.

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Drills under 2mm in diameter with length to diameter ratio’s up to 50XD

Picture for category Coolant-Fed


Drills with internal passages to deliver coolant directly to cutting edges.

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Additional drilling procucts like reamers, boring tools and countersinks.