EXOTAP VA-3® Taps (398)

High Performance Spiral Fluted Taps for Stainless Steel


EXOTAP® VA-3 is the premium solution for tapping stainless steels. The long shank design enables long reach applications. The spiral flute series offers stable chip evacuation and reduces cutting forces. The spiral point series enables greater chip control and help produce tighly compacted chips for easy ejection from the hole.


HSSE material

Increased wear resistance

Spiral Flute

For blind hole applications

Steam Oxide surface treatment

S/O increases mechanical lubricity

Long Shank

Capable of reaching 50% deeper holes than ANSI standard taps.



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Low Carbon Steels, Stainless Steel 300 & 400


Medium-High Carbon Steels, Stainless Steel 17-4PH

Application Guide

ISO Work Material Recommended
P Low Carbon Steel : 1010, 1018
P Medium Carbon Steel : 1035, 1045
P High Carbon Steel : 1065
P Alloy Steels : 4140, 4340
P Die Steels
M Stainless Steels : 300
M Stainless Steels : 400
M Stainless Steels : 17-4PH
K Cast Iron
N Aluminum : 6061, 7075
N Aluminum : Casting
S Nickel Alloy : Inconel
S Titanium : 6AL4V (30HRC)
H Hardened Steels : ~35 HRC
H Hardened Steels : 35-45 HRC
H Hardened Steels : 45-50 HRC
H Hardened Steels : 50-70 HRC

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