EXOCARB® Dental WXS® (4992)

Premium High Performance Carbide End Mills for Cobalt-Chrome, Wax/PMMA , Titanium & Zirconium Materials


EXOCARB®-WXS end mills are the new industry standard for hard milling. Everything about WXS is designed for rigidity and performance in hardened steel 50 HRC and greater. Substrates, geometry, and proprietary WXS coating are all specifically tailored for use in a wide range of dental applications. 


Ultra-fine micrograin carbide

The hardest most wear resistant carbide possible for incredible wear resistance.

High Precision geometry - All corner radius & ball mills have +/-5um radius tolerance

High accuracy all but eliminates need for benching and rework for mold makers.

High strength core diameter

Tools utilize thicker core diameters for the ultimate in strength and rigidity.

WXS coating - +1300 Celsius Oxidation Temp. & +3500Hv in hardness

Higher coating oxidation temp & hardness dramatically improve wear resistance.



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OSG's WXS Coating has excellent surface hardness and heat resistance, reducing material adhesion, prolonging tool life


Compatible with imes-icore Milling Systems


Designed for Cobalt-Chrome, Wax/PMMA , Titanium & Zirconium Materials

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