EXOCARB® Dental WXL-LN-EDS (3991)

Premium High Performance Carbide End Mills for PEEK, Wax/PMMA, Zirconium & Titanium Materials.


OSG's EXOCARB® Dental WXL-LN-EDS features OSG's Proprietary WXL Coating which boasts superior heat resistance and a low coeffcient of friction. This Square End Mill is recommended for PEEK, Wax/PMMA , Zirconium & Titanium Materials.



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OSG's WXL Coating has excellent surface hardness and heat resistance, reducing material adhesion, prolonging tool life


Compatible with imes-icore and Zirkonzahn Milling Systems


Designed for PEEK, Wax/PMMA , Zirconium & Titanium Materials

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