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Coming to a Midwest location near you, OSG Tap & Die will be hosting a must-attend die mold training event. See the map below for the upcoming dates and cities. 


The Presentation


Are you constantly struggling to do more with less and provide better results with the same machines? Do you think there are results you just can’t achieve when it comes to die mold machining? Well think again! Invest one day with us to gain a thorough understanding of what some say is impossible to accomplish.


OSG Tap & Die has remained on the cutting edge of tooling and software technology within the die mold industry. In this seminar, we will share the best tips and techniques currently available to take your machining capabilities to the next level.


The Topics


  • Reliable 7-step process for high speed machining
  • New technology for deep cavity machining and high precision parts
  • High precision, high accuracy machining
  • Programming techniques for fit, finish and accuracy


The Dates - Click on a number or date below to register


Minneapolis, MN July 16, 2014 Milwaukee, WI August 20, 2014 Chicago, IL October 22, 2014 Grand Rapids, MI September 17, 2014 Detroit, MI August 6, 2014 Cleveland, OH June 25, 2014 Erie, PA September 24, 2014 Cincinnati, OH July 30, 2014 Fort Wayne, IN October 8, 2014 Indianapolis, IN November 5, 2014




The Examples





The Experts

Roger Goble
National Corporate Product Manager


Steve McBride
High Technology Group Manager