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1. Composites helmets


A new helmet made of composites, Half Cap, was introduced to Major League Baseball (MLB) for its 2016 Spring Training. Boombang, a company based out of Los Angeles, developed the Half Cap which is constructed with fiber composite, an advanced energy-absorbing impact layer, a foam liner and a breathable moisture-wicking cover. About 20 pitchers are trying out the new helmet during training camp.


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2. Storm proof house with composites


Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ won the 2015 Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon by designing and constructing “SURE HOUSE” to prevent damage from hurricanes. They incorporated shutters made of composites for “SURE HOUSE” which was the biggest challenge for them. Not only did the shutter have to be lightweight, but also easy to pull down and lock in case of a storm. Utilizing composite materials was their solution as they provide high strength while being lightweight.


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3. Composites could detect bombs


A new type of fiber composite was developed by the engineers at the University of Utah to make a portable scanner for detecting alkane vapor (an ingredient of gasoline, airplane fuel and a homemade bomb). According to them, the only thing available currently for detecting alkane is a large heavy device in a lab. In order to make the portable scanner, they developed a new type of fiber composite with two nanofibers that transfers electrons from one to the other, but when there is alkane, alkane adheres to the materials and prevents electrons to transfer between the materials. The newly developed composite materials will be utilized in the sensor array of the portable scanner.


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How OSG's EXOPRO® AERO-BNC router will change the game in roughing composites

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Ever dream of machining composites without delamination and tool life issues? Composites are constructed with layers of material that are prone to delamination. They are also known to be abrasive and could easily wear your tool down. If your tool loses its sharpness, the material gets pushed away instead of cut, producing uncut fibers. OSG’s EXOPRO® AERO-BNC router overcomes these problems and even provides high feed roughing and a superior finish.


Reduced Delamination and Cutting Forces


The AERO-BNC router features OSG’s patented nick design and a high helix that breaks up the cutting edges. By breaking up composites with many cutting edges, instead of one long cutting edge, the nicked router can significantly reduce cutting forces. The lower the cutting forces, the less chance there is for delaminations and uncut fibers.


Longer Tool Life


The AERO-BNC also features OSG’s patented diamond coating which has a maximum diamond grain size diameter of 2μm. This ensures our coating is super smooth. Unlike our competition, we manufacture all diamond products in-house using our grinding technique on our special carbide substrate. This patented diamond coating coupled with the AERO-BNC router’s thick core diameter and multiple flutes extends tool life significantly. Improved part finish and sharper cutting edges are also the end results of the diamond coating.  




The AERO-BNC is extremely versatile and can be applied in both thick and thin laminates. It is versatile enough to handle trimming, slotting and shoulder milling applications! It also can engage parts by plunging, ramping or helical entry and is available in various end cuts to enable you to find the right tool for your job.



OSG named a winner of the Plan Sponsor of the Year Award for its 401 (k) plan and retirement preparedness

Written by OSG

Photo credit: ©Todd Winters, All Rights Reserved

Photo credit: ©Todd Winters, All Rights Reserved



Annually, a 401(k) magazine, PLANSPONSOR, honors leading companies that offer the best retirement plans. The magazine announced the winners of the 2016 plan sponsors of the year awards. OSG is the winner of the asset class 25 million to 50 million in the Corporate 401(k) category!


What exactly is the Plan Sponsor of the Year Award?


Each year the PLANSPONSOR magazine recognizes the finalists of the 401(k) plan sponsors in 6 asset classes, and determines the winners for each class. In order to be considered for the finalists, 401(k) plan sponsors have to be nominated by financial advisors. We were nominated by our partner, Dan Peluse from Wintrust. This year, the PLANSONPOSIR magazine received 300 nominations and selected 5 finalists per asset class. OSG was one of the 5 finalists in the 25 million to 50 million asset class and we were chosen as the winner of the asset class!


OSG’s 401 (k) plan design and retirement preparedness


Total plan assets/participants: $ 25.1 million/440

Participation rate: 96.3%

Average deferral rate: 8%

Default deferral rate: 6%

Employer contribution: 100% on 6%


At OSG, all employees including new hires are automatically enrolled at 6%. Employees are able to adjust their deferral rate, but we utilize an auto-escalation system which increases deferral rate of each employee by 1% at the beginning of each year. This increase happens at the same time with the annual salary increase, so that employees see the small changes in their paycheck.  Any employees who are contributing less than 6% are re-enrolled at 6% at the beginning of the year.


OSG’s 401 (k) plan was carefully selected and designed by its 401 (k) Committee. The committee members include:  Jeff Tennant, the Chief Financial Officer, David Kwon, the Executive Vice President, Kelly Turk, Compensation and Benefits Specialist, Jennie Stephens, the Corporate HR Manager and Donna Gialo, the Business Intelligence Manager.


Turk said “our mission is to promote and encourage employees to achieve their financial savings goals by providing a flexible plan design, a variety of education options guidance tools and investment choices.”


In October, we hosted a Financial Wellness Fair with our financial advisor, Wintrust, to help our employees better understand financial planning. We went over 529 College Savings, budgeting, estate planning and social security, and employees were able to ask questions to our financial advisors.  


Responsibility to support employees


As our parent company, OSG Corporation, is based out of Japan, we inherit their Japanese value of protecting and taking care of our employees. In this sense, we are responsible for supporting our employees by providing resources for financial wellness and retirement. In exchange, we are rewarded with long-term employees who are dedicated, and bring in valuable skills and knowledge to grow our business.


“It is a generous plan compared to what I hear in the market,” said Dan Dimenza who has worked for OSG for 36 years.


Anna Oczkowski has worked for OSG for over 8 years. She found OSG’s Financial Wellness Fair very beneficial.


“We have a lot of questions about financial wellness and retirement, but we do not really get an opportunity to ask,” Oczkoswki. “At OSG Financial Wellness Fair, I was able to get answers to all of my questions and I feel more clear idea for my retirement planning.”


Learn more about the award from here






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