About OSG

We are dedicated to technological advancement and using our products as "tools" to promote worldwide communication.   Gaining the support and trust of our customers has always been the commitment of OSG and our employees.  Through technology, services, and actions, we strive to improve on our past achievements while at the same time preserving our environment and enhancing our society and the welfare of our employees.

OSG Tap & Die operates independent manufacturing facilities worldwide, including three in North America.  We are dedicated to precision manufacturing of taps, end mills, drills, and thread-making tools.  OSG's world-class R&D facilities and laboratories are staffed by highly trained engineers, all dedicated to developing the highest quality products using environmentally friendly processes.

Product Overview

All of our standard products include features offered as premium products by our competition.  Our cutting tools last longer, hold closer tolerances, and stand up to abrasion and galling.

OSG also offers an extensive line of High Technology cutting tools designed for use in today's most aggressive conditions.  These premium tools feature exclusive metallurgy, cutting geometries and unique surface treatments.  The surface treatments help to increase productivity, reliability, and tool life while reducing machining time, scrap, and down time.

We also offer a complete line of thread-rolling, flat, cylindrical, planetary, and trim dies which are made of the best available die steel in the world.  Special tool steels are also used.  More than 700 styles and sizes are available for immediate delivery.

OSG Quality

Since 1981, more than $200,000,000 has been reinvested into developing advanced cutting tool technology.  The company's advancements in cutting tool design and production have produced very high quality tools that are setting new standards for productivity and performance in the cutting of alloys, stainless steels, and exotic space-age materials.

As part of this commitment to quality, OSG machines over three miles of material and removes over two tons of material per month in the testing of end mills alone.  The commitment to quality includes a bank of CNC machining centers maintained for the single purpose of testing end mills.  Through these facilities and our corporate commitment to excellence, we are able to continuously refine our cutting tool technology, improve product quality, and reduce cost to our customers, while at the same time preserving the environment.

OSG Mission

Our mission utilization of our global resources to their fullest while providing our customers with advanced technology, superior quality, worldwide customer service, and a reason to "Insist On OSG" as their first choice.
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