OSG Careers (People)


Taking Care of You

At OSG, we believe that our employees are our most valuable asset. Our benefit plan promotes our employees to lead happy, healthy and balanced lives.



Lets you defer up to 50% of your pretax salary dollars. OSG matches 'dollar for dollar' up to 6% of your contribution.


Paid Time Off

  • 10 Holidays
  • 15 Days PTO Your First Year


Health Benefits

Our affordable insurance plans include medical, dental, vision and prescription coverage.


Care24 and Nurse Line

24 hour service providing emotional support and answers to personal financial, legal, and health concerns.


Flexible Savings Account

Lowers your taxable income by reimbursing eligible and out-of-pocket medical, dental, and vision expenses on a pretax basis up to $3,500 per year for healthcare expenses and $5,000 per year for dependent care expenses.


Life Insurance

At no cost to you, you will be provided with coverage for the amount of one year's salary up to $50,000. Additional life insurance for you, your spouse, or your dependents can be also purchased at excellent group rates.



In the event of sickness or injury, short term disability provides up to 60% of your monthly base pay for a maximum of 26 weeks. Long term disability provides up to 60% of your monthly base pay after you are unable to work for greater than 26 weeks. STD is employer paid. LTD is voluntary and employee paid.


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