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PHOENIX® PXD is an exchangeable head drill series designed for efficient, precise holemaking. It is ideal for 3XD and 5XD holes in carbon and alloy steel, cast iron, and non-ferrous materials.

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PHOENIX® PAO is a series of 45° indexable facemills. Utilizing a 2-sided octagon insert, stable and economical rough and finish machining is possible in a wide range of materials.

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EXOTAP® A-Tap Taps

The EXOTAP® A-Tap® is an all-purpose tap series designed to simplify tool management and to excel in a wide variety of materials and applications. The EXOTAP® A-Tap® is made from powdered metal HSS and has OSG's patented V coating to achieve excellent wear resistance. The spiral flute series has adopted a variable helix flute design, which encourages stable chip evacuation and reduces cutting forces. The spiral point series has unique geometry that enables greater chip control that can help produce tightly compacted chips for easy ejection from the hole.

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